Local End Hunger UK groups are an important part of our coalition and getting our message out. You can create your own local group with members of your community.

Start your own group

If you are part of a food bank, church, voluntary organisations, action groups or want to get your friends and colleagues involved you can. Email annie@church-poverty.org.uk and we’ll help you start your own End Hunger UK group.

As a local group we ask you to:

  • Adhere to the brand guidelines
  • Share your activities with us so we have a picture of all the fantastic work going on around the country
  • Grassroots Campaigning page (link to page)

Some of our current local groups

End Hunger Cornwall

Around eighteen months ago I started doing some voluntary work for the long established Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum who were keen to look at looking into the issue of food insecurity and food poverty throughout Cornwall.  It didn’t take very long to see from the immediate evidence that the issue was much more significant than we had ever realised. Given that we had been working with poverty and social inclusion for over twenty five years and the fact that even we found the data completely staggering, it was clear that something needed to be done.

Niall Cooper had visited Cornwall in 2017 giving a presentation about End Hunger and we felt that it was a fantastic campaign to align ourselves with. It goes straight to the heart of the core issues and works hard to question those at the highest level about why hunger is allowed to persist and grow in this apparently wealthy economy.  However, we also realised that Cornwall has very many unique challenges due to it’s geography, demographic and severe poverty (areas of Cornwall are constantly in the top three poorest areas in Europe). The challenges we face here are very different to those in London, Manchester, Birmingham, etc.. End Hunger UK has given us the voice to put our specific case forward at the highest level and, following the initial success of our campaign, has been very supportive of the setting up of End Hunger Cornwall.

After a fantastic launch conference, we will continue to work to compliment End Hunger UK by challenging those who can make the difference to actually do so. It is a big ask, but together we will continue Acting Now to End Hunger in the UK.

Andrew Howell

End Hunger Cornwall



End Hunger Leeds

A small group of us, different every time, have been to meet with nearly every MP in the city. We make sure the group includes someone from a food bank in the MP’s constituency, someone who can talk with expertise about the welfare system, as well as other campaigners.

We have focussed on specific aspects on Universal Credit, and left them with a briefing paper with some local as well as national statistics. We were delighted when two of our Conservative MPs got together and visited the then Secretary for Work and Pensions, Esther McVey to raise our concerns!

End Hunger UK Leeds

Leeds Team

End Hunger Northampton

Northamptonshire Food Poverty Network are active members and supporters of End Hunger UK; being part of a national campaign to tackle food insecurity on our doorsteps has enabled us to campaign locally with more visibility and educate the public on these issues.

It’s also helped build the skills of frontline community groups and services to feel more confident in campaigning. It has enabled us access to information, data and resources. Last year for example we took part in the National End Hunger UK week and hosted a national exhibition highlighting food insecurity at the local theatre. As part of a national movement we feel more empowered to push for policy change.

End Hunger Northampton

Northampton Team

Feeding Liverpool

Feeding Liverpool is an ecumenical group which brings people together who are concerned about hunger and food insecurity in Liverpool. One of our aims is to work with experts by experience to ensure the voices of those with lived experiences of hunger and food insecurity contribute to both local and national debates.

We are proud to be active supporters of End Hunger UK – having recently organised Liverpool’s photo stunt for the week of action which was attended by over 40 residents, church goers, councillors and local anti-poverty organisations. In Liverpool there is already several examples of effective joint working to tackle hunger and food insecurity, however the number of those experiencing long term food insecurity is increasing. Our hope is that through the efforts of End Hunger UK we will see our nation’s leaders set out a clear strategy on how they are going to tackle

the root causes of poverty.