End Hunger UK Campaign Manager Josh Fenton-Glynn writes about the next steps in the End Hunger Campaign.

Following the End Hunger UK conference, we want to continue to build the End Hunger movement across the country.  Together we can build a campaign that will result in policy action to tackle hunger. Here is what you can do.

Get your group to make the End Hunger pledge

If you’re involved in a group or project, we’d like you to make a public pledge in support of End Hunger UK. Whether you belong to a local foodbank, a church group, a Women’s Institute group or a community centre, it’s w ay for you to show your support for the principles of End Hunger UK: the belief that no one should go to bed hungry at night, and that it’s time that the Government stepped up to the plate and played its part in helping to End Hunger in the UK.

Your group can make the pledge online. Then make your pledge public by taking a group photo with our pledge poster . And write to your local MP to let them know about the campaign and that your group has made the pledge, using our template letter.

Measuring hunger

One of the key aims of End Hunger UK is to see the government take hunger seriously enough to measure it.  Unlike in the US, Canada and many other countries, there is currently no agreement as to the scale of the problem of hunger and food poverty in the UK.  We will be supporting Emma Lewell Buck MP’s 10-minute rule bill, which will call on the UK Government to measure the scale of hunger in the UK. We will be encouraging other MPs to support the bill.

Holiday hunger

End Hunger UK will be working with a range of partners over the coming months to encourage local supporters to lobby their local MPs on holiday hunger. The next reading of Frank Field’s Holiday Hunger bill will be on 19 January 2018. We will be encouraging people to get in touch with their MPs in the run up to the Christmas Holidays – another holiday when children will go without food and when parents will have to decide whether to eat or heat their homes.

Fix Universal Credit: A Valentines message to our MPs

As we have been reading about in the media over the past few days, the introduction of Universal Credit has led to a major increase in the use of foodbanks.  Thousands of people have been forced to wait for six weeks until they receive their first Universal Credit payment – and in some cases people have had to wait much longer.  If someone has a Christmas job which ends on New Year’s Day, they would therefore have to wait until Valentine’s Day (14 February) to receive their first Universal Credit payment.  To highlight this, and to call for a reduction in the delay, we will be encouraging End Hunger UK supporters to deliver Valentines cards to their MPs surgeries that week.

October 2018: mass lobby of Parliament

This year we marked World Food Day with our End Hunger UK campaign conference. Next year we want to celebrate it with a mass lobby of MPs.  Along with other End Hunger UK campaigners from across the country, we hope that you will be able to bring a group of people to meet with your Member(s) of Parliament in Westminster, to ask them to join us in calling for the UK Government to step up to the plate and End UK Hunger.